Gongol.com Archives: March 2008
Brian Gongol

March 14, 2008

Business and Finance Google CEO says he's not planning to buy the New York Times
It's an interesting notion, though, to wonder what it would look like if Google started buying content providers, much like Microsoft went head-first into projects like MSNBC. On a related note, Mark Cuban has some thoughts on why newspapers shouldn't have weblogs -- not that they shouldn't be in the business of producing news all the time, but rather that they shouldn't try to be like everybody else. And calling something a "blog" is being like everybody else.

Computers and the Internet Tricks to manipulating incoming Gmail
Adding a "+" after the username and before the "@" symbol allows one to create multiple e-mail addresses on one Gmail account

Water News Will the Ogallala Aquifer survive the biofuels boom?

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