Gongol.com Archives: March 2008
Brian Gongol

March 18, 2008

Computers and the Internet The online campaign to discredit Scientology

Business and Finance The stock market is anything but rational
"Irrational" may also be the word for the current Federal Reserve leadership. They appear to be chasing the economy at large rather than doing their first and most important job, which is keeping the money supply under control. Related: Visualizing the mortgage situation with the help of computer graphics.

Computers and the Internet What the computer-literate need to teach the computer-limited
Lots of the people who are relative novices to computers and computer security may be taking part in unsafe activities online that they would reject completely if they were presented with the same risks in real life. For instance, they'll forward any chain letter or cutesy message they receive via e-mail, when they'd never think of relaying a chain letter that arrived in the real-world mailbox. And yet the risks are even greater, since it's really hard to get a computer virus by opening a hand-written letter. But the payloads that can be attached to things like chain e-mails can be huge hazards to one's computer security. Perhaps it's worth the time for the computer-savvy to spend a few moments teaching computer novices how to behave safely online. On a related note, even when we're security-aware, there still may be serious hazards to our online security.

Water News New crops for Nebraska