Gongol.com Archives: March 2008
Brian Gongol

March 20, 2008

Water News NOAA says much of the Midwest should prepare for spring flooding

Business and Finance Are Americans individually in worse shape than Bear Stearns?
17% of consumers tracked by one credit agency are the human equivalents of junk bonds. We need more saving and more investment...and much less consumer debt.

Weather and Disasters Much of the country is at high risk for flooding

Socialism Doesn't Work Dear Federal Reserve: What happened to the free market?
In the words of Greg Mankiw, a thoughtful economist in his own right: "[M]y knee-jerk reaction is to be deeply disturbed whenever the government comes to the aid of reckless rich guys." Paul Volcker, too, questions the decision: "[I]s this what you want for the longstanding regulatory support system? My answer is no." The Fed's bailout package is the size of the market losses when Enron went bankrupt, and four times the size of the Chrysler buyout in 2007.

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