Gongol.com Archives: March 2008
Brian Gongol

March 28, 2008

Aviation News 97 new airports in 12 years
That's the plan for China, which intends to reach a total of 244 airports by 2020. It's a mind-bending $64 billion project. The US has more than 5,000 airports, but only about 10% are certified for air-transport operations.

Science and Technology A city on the sea
A pretty fanciful vision of what an agriculture city-on-the-sea would look like. It often takes fantastic visions in today's children's books to make tomorrow's big ideas come to fruition.

Science and Technology British town waiting for approval for chicken-carcass power plant

Water News A story of fish and interstate conflict

Computers and the Internet Safari becomes a double-black-eye problem for Apple
First, they distributed it to iTunes users via a brute-force download pack, and now it's been identified as having two "highly critical" security vulnerabilities. Not good for Apple, which gets a lot of mileage out of telling everyone how safe they'd be from online crooks if only they'd switch to Macs. Related: Secunia is also calling out vulnerabilities in Firefox.

Broadcasting Chicago radio giant Wally Phillips is dead
At one time, he had 50% of the entire morning audience in Chicago. Truly remarkable.

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