Gongol.com Archives: March 2008
Brian Gongol

March 31, 2008

Business and Finance Survey says half of foreclosed properties have "substantial" damage
Not particularly surprising: Once people no longer own their homes, they often feel little or no obligation to care for the property anymore. That's the fundamental rule about private property: People care about the stuff they own, and rarely care as much about the stuff they don't.

News Mugabe might finally get booted from office
He's systematically ruined Zimbabwe's economy, leading to massive needless human suffering

Water News Who's going to manage in-state fights over water?

News Some people are really slow to take a hint
Fire hits Omaha apartment building. Displaced resident says, "This is my fourth fire, so you kind of get used to it." No, you don't. You move. Speaking of really bad decision-making, it's inadvisable to do a stand-up report at the bottom of a sledding hill.

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