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Brian Gongol

April 1, 2008

Science and Technology Swimmers in new Speedo suit break world records

Computers and the Internet Safari browser, Adobe Flash Player prove vulnerable points of entry to Apple and Vista laptops

Business and Finance "[T]he federal government is bearing credit risk in extraordinary ways"
Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers says he thinks the US economy is probably about to start doing better after some credit shocks, but he points out that "a priority for financial policy has to be increases in the level of capital held by financial institutions." He's right about that; banks have been lending out at credit ratios that have probably exceeded what would have been reasonable for the riskiness of what the borrowers were doing. This only goes to confirm the suspicion that the 2008 "economic stimulus package" was really a bank bailout plan masquerading as a way to encourage consumer spending. In reality, the "stimulus" money will end up going to banks as people pay down their debts (which is what the vast majority of Americans did last time around), which makes it a bank re-capitalization program. The risk in all of this is that the people taking unreasonable risks will reap all of the rewards and offload the losses to the American taxpayer. Related: The chair of UBS has quit after losing $19 billion on real estate in the US.

Humor and Good News Hippies!
(Video) "Daily Show" reporter expresses out loud what many of us have going through our heads whenever we encounter the mysterious witless creatures of the far left. Truly so hilarious it's a bit painful to watch.

News Zimbabwe is kicking Mugabe to the curb

Weather and Disasters Iowa weather webcam greatest hits
Time-lapse views make it vastly easier to see the atmosphere as a dynamic set of fluids in constant motion than it's normally possible to observe in real time. The public and private sectors in Iowa have been pushing technology hard to make it more useful for weather prediction and real-time observation.

News Good news for Cuba: "Absurd prohibitions" lifted
(Article in Spanish) Raul Castro has lifted rules against such basic things as letting Cubans stay in high-class hotels. Laws against the sale of things like microwave ovens (yes, really) are also being lifted.

Iowa Why is this Urbandale condo listing at $8,000 under market price?
Maybe because it's so caked in awful hippie/religious paint that no one could possibly imagine living there without a heavy dose of mind-altering drugs.

Water News Iowa father rescues son from well

Humor and Good News Google's Gmail April Fool's joke: Back in time

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