Gongol.com Archives: April 2008
Brian Gongol

April 14, 2008

Water News Tighter water-pollution control laws under Senate review

Business and Finance Professor specializing in credit-card law stumbles into his own credit-card nightmare

Science and Technology Evidence that sentient beings are actually good
It's a very popular theme among some circles that humans are innately bad and evil. That suggestion seems remarkably inhumane on its surface, and unfortunately it cannot be conclusively proven or disproven. But if it's assumed that we have anything in common with the other animals (which we most certainly do), then the story of a dolphin that led two stranded whales to safety ought to give us at least some evidence that animals can be inherently good...which in turn at least disproves the notion that all animals (including humans) are inherently bad. Fortunately, humans have the capacity to try to become even better than nature would make us to begin with. So into the garbage with the ridiculous assumption that humans are bad by our nature. Related: Babies appear to form the capacity to judge between good and evil by the time they're just six months old.

News British store sells padded bra for 7-year-olds

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