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Brian Gongol

April 20, 2008

Broadcasting Notes from the Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - April 20, 2008

Business and Finance Ford didn't really redesign its logo, but the prospect makes one think
Some companies change their logos all the time, thinking it'll change their image and reputation. But a logo hardly does that. That's why Ford, GM, and others have logos that last practically forever...even if a hypothetical update looked good.

News Number-crunching suggests fraud in Russian election
Transparency of any sort tends to increase honesty -- and even though the Russian government may have done a lot to block any foreign observers from trying to monitor the election, some math can perform a similar service after the results are published.

Agriculture Food storage: It still matters
A 1923 article talking about putting an entire meal into a pill brings up an important and far less-fanciful point: We've become very good at expediting food preparation. Sure, we're not pulling dinner out of a meal synthesizer, but it's quite possible to get a good meal 21 times a week without ever having to do any more work than pressing a couple of buttons on a microwave and waiting for two or three minutes. That said, it's astonishing that with all the gains in food production we've managed to achieve over the last century, we store practically none of it for long-term use, particularly in the proverbial seven years of plenty, seven years of famine paradigm. That seems absurd in 2008.

Water News Midwest earthquake could have contaminated some water wells

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