Gongol.com Archives: April 2008
Brian Gongol

April 21, 2008

Science and Technology Is the future of biofuels in young trees?

Computers and the Internet E-mail scam targets business executives by embedding a keystroke logger in a fake subpoena
The days of being able to shrug off a lack of knowledge and savvy about dealing with the Internet and its many and varied hoaxes needs to go by the wayside. The Internet is now nearly as vital as electricity itself to the conduct of most American business, so anyone anywhere along the chain needs to be aware of the perils that lurk out there.

Humor and Good News Northwestern University neurobiologist says Cubs fans are trained for disappointment
He's even written a book on the psychology of fandom among one of the nation's most cursed teams. The same team that watched its World Series chances evaporate in 2003 but for which a fan reaching for a foul ball took all the popular blame.

Computers and the Internet An argument against buying cameras based on megapixel ratings alone

Health Troops may be bringing drug-resistant bacteria back home from Iraq

Water News Forbes says Des Moines has the best drinking water in the country

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