Gongol.com Archives: April 2008
Brian Gongol

April 24, 2008

Science and Technology No more black ice?
The weather/motoring phenomenon of black ice can't actually be done away with, but a French company is working on developing road paint that changes colors just above the freezing mark, which could offer real-time warning to drivers that road conditions may be perilous, without any complicated or expensive sensors.

Health AIDS researchers turn pessimistic about finding a vaccine

Business and Finance The good times are over at Deutsche Bank: No more putting prostitutes on expense accounts
The absurdity of some people's behavior in the financial industry has made the strong backlash against their failures seem at least a little bit justified. But the real scare comes from some of the strange and irrational proposals being made by elected officials who think they can make things better by punishing the prudent and rewarding the gamblers.

Computers and the Internet Javascript just keeps on looking like more trouble than it's worth
An estimated 100,000 websites have been hit by a huge Javascript attack, including MSNBC.com and some sites from the UN. Javascript has some terrific uses, like providing interactive calculation tools, but it's also heavily (and needlessly) used for things like site navigation. Most people would be well-served by using Firefox and loading the NoScript extension. It's worth noting that crooks are attacking lots of file formats these days, including PDF -- which has long been perceived as relatively bulletproof.

Humor and Good News Son hires drinking buddies for father at $15 an hour plus expenses
Related: An Atlanta bar owner has built a robot to chase away the homeless who hang around near his pub

News Labor strike means no school for a million British kids

Science and Technology Ornate tapestries meet the digital age
Computers can now stitch tapestries that took our predecessors hundreds of person-hours to complete. Technology continues to make life better all the time.

Water News Infrastructure and Earth Day

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