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Brian Gongol

May 9, 2008

Science and Technology YouTube, Netflix on demand, and cell-phone video predicted in 1974

Threats and Hazards Microsoft's Patch Tuesday will include three "critical" updates
And regarding a different kind of security, CNN is reporting that fewer than 1% of domestic flights in the US have an Air Marshal on-board. The TSA denies that the number is that low, but it also won't give any real detail on how many flights are actually covered. On the other hand, El Al keeps many of its security techniques secret, but tells the world security agents are always on board. Secrecy about technique is a good thing -- secrecy about the quantity of security, on the other hand, looks like a failure of responsibility.

Science and Technology Your brain makes decisions before your conscious self does
Brain research from Germany suggests that many decisions we think are made consciously are several seconds behind the parts of the brain that actually commit to the decision. That suggests that the importance of solid mental habits and patterns is more important than we might usually think. It also probably explains why a humane but structured approach to life at the Angola Prison in Louisiana seems to be working well at reducing violence.

Humor and Good News Council Bluffs may rename "SOB Road" to "Veterans Memorial"

Water News Platte River recovery plan becomes law

Business and Finance Summary of the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting

Humor and Good News "When you absolutely, positively don't care if it gets there overnight"
Courier delivery is, of course, one of the millions of things that we get thanks to labor specialization. It's a really good thing you don't have to deliver everything yourself.

Iowa Minneapolis envies I-235

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