Gongol.com Archives: May 2008
Brian Gongol

May 10, 2008

Agriculture Time to find a way to permanently fund the wheat-rust surveillance team
Five US scientists follow wheat rust and other threats to cereal crops, but a lot of their funding comes from Congressional earmarks. Earmarks ought to be beaten into submission -- but a program to monitor some of the biggest threats to the world's food supply ought to be a pretty high priority for public spending.

Broadcasting "[A]n absolute, utter, complete waste of the taxpayers' money"
One expert's opinion on what would result from a public-diplomacy effort that gives up on broadcasting the news impartially

The American Way Economists don't love the candidates much, but McCain's the leading pick

Broadcasting Show notes from the WHO Radio Wise Guys - May 10, 2008
Including discussion of PDF files, the Microsoft/Yahoo relationship, and video on cell phones. A ten-minute podcast of part of the show is available.