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Brian Gongol

May 13, 2008

Water News Magazine names water systems among most important infrastructure items to fix now

The American Way PETA, of all groups, offers an inducement prize
Inducement prizes are a great way to encourage innovations. The prize-giver offers a big sum of money in return for the achievement of some challenge. In this case, the animal-rights group is offering $1,000,000 to whomever can come up with a way to produce meat at reasonable prices without killing an animal to get it. In other words, test-tube steaks. So far, it's possible but outrageously expensive. But in the next few years, it could become a way to produce meat at low cost and minimal environmental impact. Even better, there's some possibility that the meat produced could be engineered to retain a minimum of harmful fats and other things that put human health at risk. Of course, there could be unintended consequences. But in the meantime, it's an intriguing prospect.

News Russia and China challenge each other over Central Asian energy
Both countries want access to the oil and natural gas in the center of the continent, and their competing interests are creating a new rivalry. Meanwhile, the Russian gas monopoly may now be the world's third-largest company. Related: A majority of Russians think that wealth can only be had through corruption and political connections. That's bad news.

Business and Finance The same leverage risks that killed LTCM are skunking today's funds, too

Humor and Good News Logos from the 1970s

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