Gongol.com Archives: May 2008
Brian Gongol

May 21, 2008

Water News Postville plant raid could affect local water

Computers and the Internet One Laptop Per Child campaign will shift to a keyboard-free computer
They figure that the keyboard is one of the main weaknesses in the computer, since it's a point of entry for water and dust. Getting rid of it could help seal the laptop more effectively, making it more reliable in dusty, dirty places, like the ones where they hope the laptop will be used. And they think that they can use the old keyboard space for a second touch-screen, which could be used as a keyboard or as a display, depending on the need.

Humor and Good News The typo-eradication squad
Two guys have been going across the country, trying to get people to fix typographical errors in their signs. A noble quest? Probably. A little nuts? That, too.

Agriculture The evolution that failed to follow the Green Revolution
Food researchers in India are worried that the Green Revolution, which massively increased their country's food-production capacity, hasn't been followed by other changes necessary to sustaining the increase over the long term. Meanwhile, rising world food prices are making for especially tough times in Africa, where little has been done to make better food production a priority.

Business and Finance Analysts still think big banks have a lot left to lose on bad loans
In the long run, we'll be judged by what kinds of lessons we learn from the current rough patch. At some point or another, the bills always come due.

Broadcasting WGN remains Chicago's top radio station
Station sweeps every time slot in total listenership

Humor and Good News Not quite a homing pigeon, but good enough
A Japanese family taught its parrot to tell his address, which came in really handy when he got lost

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