Gongol.com Archives: May 2008
Brian Gongol

May 26, 2008

Science and Technology If speculators are manipulating oil prices, then they're not especially good at it
A good speculator would've bought contracts on oil at $50 and would be selling it now at $125, undercutting the market price of $130, cornering the market and making a fortune. But nobody seems to have done that. The precise prices of right now may be a little bubble-ish, but the bottom line is that global demand is rising faster than supply is increasing, and higher prices will probably persist indefinitely. The International Energy Agency is pretty sure that we've been overestimating global oil reserves for a while.

Humor and Good News The algebra of corporate logos

Weather and Disasters Parkersburg tornado was at least an EF-3
The large tornado that hit Parkersburg, Iowa, yesterday was one of the strongest the state has seen in some time. The damage left behind is stunning, and reminiscent of tornadoes that hit nearby areas 40 years ago. The first aerial views of the damage in Parkersburg are astonishing.

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