Gongol.com Archives: May 2008
Brian Gongol

May 29, 2008

Water News "NBC Nightly News" claims US water systems are "on brink of collapse"

Weather and Disasters Six tornadoes hit Kearney, Nebraska
And as Parkersburg, Iowa, cleans up, cell-phone video of the EF-5 tornado has emerged. The complete destruction caused by the tornado still hasn't been quite enough to take away the locals' sense of humor.

Weather and Disasters Time-lapse camera captures supercell splitting in half

Science and Technology The rotary traffic signal
Instead of guessing how "stale" a yellow light is, drivers can see precisely how much of each color (red, yellow, and green) is left. At least one reason they fell out of favor appears to be that they couldn't be adjusted to variable traffic flows (which meant that people were stuck waiting for cross-traffic that was never there), but suppose that the same signals were to be changed to LED lights that could be accelerated or decelerated as traffic flows demanded. That seems like a vastly better way of improving traffic flow and preventing red-light running than red-light cameras.

Computers and the Internet New York Times develops prototype custom-printing newspaper stand
But unless it can print at lightning speed, why would anyone bother? Better to have custom news sent to the desktop in PDF format or something similar. Related: Someone at WGN needs to be fired for their creepy new logo.

Humor and Good News A ceiling clock for people who love "24"

Humor and Good News Just about anything can be measured, including the durability of one-hit wonders

Humor and Good News Stop the presses! San Francisco has a lot of dogs and not many kids!
This shocking news brought to you by the National Geographic. Also shocking: A bad economy is good business for Wal-Mart.