Gongol.com Archives: May 2008
Brian Gongol

May 30, 2008

Broadcasting When Jay Leno moves on next year, where will he move to?
Leno will be moved out of the Tonight Show next year, and Conan O'Brien moves in. Jimmy Fallon will then take over Conan's spot. Note this: Fallon, Ferguson, and Leno started in stand-up comedy. Letterman was in TV news and (briefly) in talk radio before entering stand-up. O'Brien was a TV writer before anything else. Kimmel and Daly both spent some time in radio. The preponderance of stand-up comedians goes some way towards explaining why there's so much shouting in late-night television. Kimmel is rarely even close to being as loud as Leno. And that probably explains (in part) why nobody's been able to replicate Johnny Carson's dominance; he grew up doing radio and realized that when people are in bed listening to you tell jokes, they don't need you to shout as though they're in a comedy club.

Water News Parts of central Nebraska hit with 11 inches of rain

Broadcasting General rule of thumb: Don't make potentially-offensive ads for companies who don't ask for them
A couple of guys made a fake VW commercial involving a suicide bomber. The Germans were not amused.