Gongol.com Archives: June 2008
Brian Gongol

June 3, 2008

Weather and Disasters Remarkable video of the Parkersburg tornado
KCRG has video of a home being hit directly, and the AP has interior video of a bank being hit. The National Weather Service has extensively documented the remarkable storm. Another remarkable incident happened with a series of tornadoes in Kearney, Nebraska, the other day.

Socialism Doesn't Work Letter to the editor calls for a mass exodus from Cook County
Suburban Chicago residents are getting tired of being taxed to the gills by a county government that seems to have little respect for budgetary responsibility. It's a good argument against city-county mergers, a subject covered in one chapter of Ten Big Answers You Won't Get from a Politician. It seems generally inevitable that the farther politicians become removed from direct responsibility for their actions, the less prudent their behavior.

News Mapping the accents of the United Kingdom
A very informative website by the British Library illustrates how different parts of the homeland of the mother tongue pronounce things in wildly different ways

Health Why we need Vitamin C
And how figuring out how it affects the body could determine whether people could live much, much longer lives. Apparently, research being done on Vitamin C at UCLA right now is the first ever to really delve into how it works.

Water News Heavy storms soak Iowa, leaving behind flash flooding