Gongol.com Archives: June 2008
Brian Gongol

June 6, 2008

Water News Iowa DNR considers new rules for wastewater bypasses

Humor and Good News Hallmark's hilarious MC Hammer commercial

Broadcasting Universal Studios fire destroyed up to 50,000 movies and TV episodes
Supposedly, copies of most are kept somewhere else. But that seems unlikely -- a huge number of films have gone missing mainly due to neglect and poor archival practices over the years. It's hard to imagine how much of what has appeared on the Internet will be considered "missing" someday, mainly because of site rot and link rot.

Weather and Disasters Weather radio goes out in Des Moines
Someone cut a cable -- and at an awful time. The weather has been completely out of sorts in Iowa lately.

Humor and Good News Who knew that apes couldn't swear?
(Video) Outtakes from "Spinal Tap"

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