Gongol.com Archives: June 2008
Brian Gongol

June 17, 2008

Water News Federal funding of $2 billion released for Iowa flooding recovery

Computers and the Internet 20% of Americans say they're going online once a week to do something campaign-related
That's an amazing figure, especially considering how long this campaign has gone on. One of the big problems out there is how thoughtlessly people will forward on inaccurate e-mail that simply confirms their previously-held biases rather than looking up the truth.

Business and Finance Why the US needs better fiscal education immediately, if not sooner
USA Today reports that credit-card companies raised limits and lending to some pretty ridiculous figures as home-equity values appeared to balloon upward. And now, many people who got deep into credit-card debt are finding that they owe lots of money and don't even have that home equity left-over to pay for it -- as though liquidating the value of one's home to pay for consumer spending was a good idea to begin with. (It's absolutely not.) The US desperately needs a better system of financial education. Total revolving debt in the US is reported to be nearly $970 billion, which is something like $3,000 per person in a country of about 300 million people.

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