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Brian Gongol

June 22, 2008

Broadcasting Show notes from the Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - June 22, 2008
Including conversation about how landfills are like banks, why people are stealing kitchen grease in San Francisco, and how to help flooding victims in Iowa. A podcast of a 10-minute show highlight is also online.

Weather and Disasters Filipino ferry sinks, probably killing 800 people
The ship was caught in a typhoon and capsized. Further evidence that when disasters occur, they hit poor places hardest. The Philippines have a per-capita income of $3,400. Greater national wealth means more money available to spend on things like better weather radar, more thorough inspections, and better safety equipment.

Science and Technology The newest thing to steal: Leftover restaurant cooking grease
San Francisco has a half-year-old program that collects leftover kitchen grease for conversion to biodiesel. It has two benefits: First, it creates cheap fuel; second, it cleans up the wastewater stream. But with petroleum prices going up swiftly, people are stealing the grease for their own use...which may just go to confirm the notion that today's landfills may someday become valuable resource reserves.

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