Gongol.com Archives: July 2008
Brian Gongol

July 3, 2008

Water News Omaha MUD wants state to remove sales tax on tap water

Aviation News Mechanic for Continental Airlines to stand trial over Concorde crash eight years ago

Threats and Hazards Viacom sues to get list of every video viewed on YouTube ever...and wins
A Federal court in New York has shown blistering disregard for privacy by telling Google to turn over the records -- which include the IP address of the user viewing each video -- to Viacom, which claims its programming has been hosted illegally on YouTube. Good luck keeping that data from reaching the public.

News A catalog of most (if not all) wars since about 1800
The Chinese government apparently thinks that future wars will be fought with flamethrowers and Segways. Or maybe that's just how they intend to disrupt political protests.

Computers and the Internet HP markets "simplified" computer to the elderly

Computers and the Internet Mozilla wants everybody to upgrade to Firefox 3
They'll be ending support for Firefox version 2 in December. People still using Internet Explorer version 6 ought to upgrade to version 7 to avoid a security hole in the older version. Meanwhile, the Windows version of Apple's Safari browser has been updated to take care of its own major security hole. It may be a little early to upgrade to Firefox 3, but they have issued a security update for Firefox 2 that it would be very wise to get.

Science and Technology The massive anti-quake ball that keeps Taipei 101 from falling over
Someone actually took video of the massive motion-dampening system that's designed to keep the enormous tower from moving too much in the wind or in case of an earthquake -- like the one that happened recently, which the video records.

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