Gongol.com Archives: July 2008
Brian Gongol

July 7, 2008

Water News Landfill leachate creates a tricky problem

Iowa Flooding damaged some architectural treasures

The United States of America Flashback to before the caucuses: Why so much anxiety about free trade?

News The look of a modern cathedral

Threats and Hazards DHS doesn't want to talk to Congress about computer privacy
A set of government travel rules appears to allow Customs officials to view the contents of travelers' laptop computers if they suspect something is afoul. What, though, of trade secrets? Of legitimate personal secrets? Where is the line of reasonability drawn?

Computers and the Internet A bunch of reasons why the new top-level domain scheme is a bad idea
It's obviously a pretty shameless cash grab, and the level of conflict over who gets a TLD like ".hotels" is bound to get ugly -- Hotels.com? Hilton? The International Hotel and Restaurant Association? But more than any of the other reasons, it's just going to be too confusing for most users. Most people are going to assume that any URL they hear should end in ".com", or perhaps ".net" or ".org". They're not likely to accept ".hotels" or ".cars" with any understanding that those words are terminal to the address.

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