Gongol.com Archives: July 2008
Brian Gongol

July 8, 2008

Water News EPA offers energy-management seminar for local water and wastewater plants

Threats and Hazards Russia threatens a military response if the US puts missile defenses in the Czech Republic
A preliminary deal to coordinate a US anti-missile systems with the Czechs has just been signed, and Russia claims that those defense systems are an affront to its security. The US counters that they're strictly intended to defend the free world against the threat of missiles from places like Iran. Iran is of particular concern, considering the threat it could pose if it used North Korean missiles.

Agriculture Flooding contributes to an expected 9% drop in the 2008 corn crop
The Midwest has been dealt a brutal hand on weather this year, with flooding on a scale never seen before and a relentless series of severe storms that have damaged crops via wind and hail. And at a horrible time -- demand is already so high that corn prices are at record levels.

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