Gongol.com Archives: July 2008
Brian Gongol

July 15, 2008

Water News Iowa DNR director to hold public forums

Humor and Good News Wrestler backflips into a victory
(Video) Impressive even to non-sports fans. It should be noted, though, that the move was incredibly dangerous, since the back-flipping wrestler could've easily been fallen upon.

Business and Finance Buffett says selling a business to Berkshire Hathaway is like putting it into a museum
He contrasts that with selling to a private-equity firm, which he compares to giving it to a porn shop. Obviously, he has a vested interest in spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt about his competitors. But there's an underlying point to his comments that makes sense: Is a business just something to be bought and sold like a pack of baseball cards, or is it something with a deeper meaning to those who own it, buy from it, and work within it? If there is no intrinsic value to the business as an entity to itself, then that calls into question the whole nature of the accounting concept of a "going concern." After all, if there's no particular reason to show up in the morning other than to see who else might be offering to buy the business today, then ownership seems a lot more like rental.

Humor and Good News No dancing? No!

Broadcasting Another sign of how life has improved in the last 25 years
(Video) Try getting through an early-1980s promo for a local newscast in Washington DC. Or try gagging through a similar promo from New York City in the same era. Style...graphics...video quality...egads.

Aviation News Data visualization of American flight patterns
(Video) Related: United Airlines has joined American in charging extra for all checked baggage.

Health Remember bird flu? It's still out there.
On one hand, a UN group thinks we're past the peak of avian influenza. But on the other, Hong Kong just got over another major scare, and there appears to have been some kind of human-to-human transmission earlier this year. Meanwhile, at least some places are still making preparations, just in case.