Gongol.com Archives: July 2008
Brian Gongol

July 22, 2008

Water News Another story of a flooding near-miss

Business and Finance The cost of long-term health care: One more liability we're collectively ignoring
As people live ever longer, the accruing expenses of keeping them alive and healthy as long as possible are going to continue to squeeze the budgets of state and Federal governments. What's really frightening is how some of the spillover from costs that the Federal government can't handle is putting the states in fiscal trouble. It's unlikely that anyone really has a solid understanding of just how much we're going to end up spending in the coming years, nor where the money is supposed to come from.

Science and Technology Have we not enough love for nuclear power?
In the long term, we're going to need lots and lots of energy, and it seems like one of the best places to get it is from electricity. If nuclear power is the best way to produce that electricity, then we probably ought to be addressing what incentives and disincentives are out there, determining how much of it is produced. Distribution losses in the power grid are a huge drain on the energy budget; just as we look for ways to produce more energy, we ought to be looking for ways to make sure we get to use all of what we produce.

Humor and Good News It's just bad manners to leave a high-five hanging
After all, just how long can a person wait?

Business and Finance Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon
It's not going to stop just because people start haggling at the store

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