Gongol.com Archives: July 2008
Brian Gongol

July 29, 2008

Water News 8" rains lead to flooding

Socialism Doesn't Work Doha round of trade talks falls apart
While it's probably too esoteric for most people to bother caring about, it's really bad news. Trade liberalization is almost always good for almost everybody. But, unfortunately, it seems as though we're in a period of isolationism -- which puts a hold on trade, and in turn leads to needless human suffering. Unfortunately, though, the same left-wing thinkers who promote a hold-hands-and-sing-kumbayah message about planetary unity when it comes to environmentalism are more often than not the same people who most viciously oppose trade, based on the faulty argument that it somehow exploits the world's poor. The logic is so deficient it's painful; one can hardly explain how someone living in Iowa is worse off for the free trade we exchange with Louisiana or Maine or California, nor how residents of those other states suffer for trade in the other direction. The simple matter is that trade is an extension of specialization, and that we're all better off doing a few things very well and letting others do the same.

Health American Heart Association says high fiber is as important as low fat

Weather and Disasters Magnitude 5.8 earthquake hits Los Angeles

The United States of America Reagan's 1986 Independence Day speech
(Video) Senator Obama is showy, but his speeches contain no substance (nor does there seem to be much interest in getting any substance from him). Senator McCain is more thoughtful, but his centerpiece speeches lack showmanship. Reagan had the distinct advantage of having come from a lifetime of performance. Unfortunately, President Bush seems not yet to have found his unique voice. Related: It's a clash of the mass-market magazines as Rolling Stone falls all over itself loving Sen. Obama and Esquire shows deep admiration for Sen. McCain.

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