Gongol.com Archives: August 2008
Brian Gongol

August 15, 2008

Agriculture Prince Charles needs to shut up about agriculture
Just because he won the genetic lottery doesn't mean he should be telling the world how to raise crops. His anti-genetic-modification absolutism is enough to threaten millions -- if not billions -- of lives.

Aviation News Between travel hassles and entrapment, who wouldn't believe this script?
What would you say if someone asked you to participate in an undercover test of airport security? How would you know the difference between a legitimate test and an illegitimate act?

Science and Technology Mold -- yes, mold -- is destroying old video tapes
And because mold spreads via spores, it acts a lot like an infectious disease, which means that people who aren't aware of the risk may be spreading it within their own videotape collections. This would be a very good reason to convert the family library of videotapes to DVD, and soon.

Threats and Hazards Has Russia become like a hostile corporation with nuclear weapons?
Much of what has Russia has been doing politically can be framed -- purposely or not -- in terms of action to protect the country's energy business. That includes the late news that the Voice of Russia is expanding its broadcasts to Georgia, with whom Russia has been fighting for the past week. They've also opened up a text-messaging service as a means of reaching the region. This is yet another sign that the Voice of America and RFE/RL still have a purpose, and a huge one at that.

Socialism Doesn't Work Fascinating photos from North Korea

Business and Finance Gates Foundation gets underway building $500 million headquarters
It would seem that the million-square-foot building is a signal that they intend the foundation to be around for a long, long time. And that's possible: The Carnegie Corporation has $3 billion in its coffers, almost a century after it was founded.

Humor and Good News Do-it-yourself maniac builds his own telegraph receiver
And uses it to clack out the results of RSS feeds from websites. The utility of such a project is almost exactly zero, but it's pretty hilarious to see what happens when someone enthusiastic about modern technology gets nostalgic about yesterday's machines. It's a lot like the newspaperman who made a digital newspaper rack that puts front pages in video form and displays them on a built-in computer monitor. Related: A web designer tries to forecast what the newspaper website of the future will look like.

Water News Boil order imposed on Hemingford

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