Gongol.com Archives: August 2008
Brian Gongol

August 29, 2008

Water News Cedar Rapids looks at the next stage in flood mitigation

Science and Technology No flying car, no 16-hour work week
Some predictions have missed the mark pretty widely

Weather and Disasters Hurricane Gustav headed straight for Louisiana
And it's quite possibly going to be a category 4 or 5 storm by the time it gets there. Monday is the day it's likely to make landfall, just as Hanna becomes a hurricane and hits the Bahamas. One can only hope some thought has been put into how to conduct a mass evacuation by automobile.

Aviation News Communication link fails at Atlanta regional ATC, causing flight delays all over the country
Tuesday's communication failure led to 90-minute delays in a lot of places, since it meant the work had to be diverted to Utah while they fixed the problems in Georgia. But it reminds us that the nation's air-traffic management depends upon lots of elements all working in harmony, with limited tolerance for failure. Since terrorists are certainly aware of how much disruption this single incident caused, it certainly cannot have escaped their attention that a coordinated effort to attack vulnerable parts of the system could do even more damage. The existing air-traffic-control system is wildly out of date.

Threats and Hazards "Change" isn't enough: Just ask Cuba
To what is a country changing? Cuba under Batista had plenty of problems, but changing to Communism under Castro was hardly the answer. Customers in the private sector know how to differentiate between "change" and "improvement": That's why the new Cuil search engine hasn't overtaken Google; it just isn't better, at least not yet.

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