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Brian Gongol

August 30, 2008

Broadcasting Show notes from the WHO Radio Wise Guys - August 30, 2008
An Internet-only edition of the show

Weather and Disasters Mandatory evacuation order issued for New Orleans
Mayor expects it to be worse than Hurricane Katrina. This time, they're using buses, trains, and airplanes to get the people out. Seems like someone finally looked at the full range of evacaution options and realized that to get enough people out of town, you have to use every available tool. For the rest of the country, Gustav could be much more serious than Katrina -- particularly if it effectively damages the oil infrastructure or the port system in the Gulf.

Business and Finance Savings-and-loan banks are in trouble
But that should be no big surprise: The nature of an S&L is to lend long (for mortgages, largely), and borrow short (through savings accounts). Stable banking requires lending and borrowing to be conducted on similar time horizons -- which is why life insurance companies get into the secondary-mortgage market. The situation should hardly come as a surprise to anyone who knew about the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s.

News Michael Jackson is turning 50...so what would he have looked like without plastic surgery?
An age-progressed photo of Jackson looks positively nothing like he appears today. A pretty amazing online service lets anyone age-progress their own photos.

Broadcasting Why we need to do more international radio broadcasting