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Brian Gongol

September 10, 2008

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The American Way 100-year business plans
Very few businesses are known to have them. Why don't more?

Science and Technology Harvard Medical School researcher is close to creating life from non-living parts
The research involves the creation of protocells -- or what some evolutionary biologists think might have been the precursors to cells, which (obviously) are the building blocks of what we know as life. The main question appears to be whether they can find a way to get something made from independently non-living parts to replicate spontaneously when they come together. Other researchers are starting with the genes first.

Agriculture Are we doing enough to fight hunger?
Not according to Norman Borlaug, who says "We are in a world food crisis that stands to drive at least another 100 million people into hunger and exacerbate global instability." That's a frightening prospect, considering that most wars are fought over resources -- no matter what kind of political excuses are used for cover. Related: US exports don't appear to be as strong as they have been recently, and that decline would be profoundly bad for the economy as a whole. Despite the fear-mongering from politicians who find it convenient to mislead those who don't realize the benefits, trade makes a huge difference to our way of life. 11% of the US economy comes directly from exports.

News Are newspapers going to abandon the traditional newswires?
One big paper is experimenting with going AP-free

Weather and Disasters Louisiana stages evacuation buses just in case
Hurricane Ike is still following an uncertain path that could take it into parts of the Bayou State. It's certainly good to see that adults are finally in charge in that state. National Guard troops from Nebraska are still in Louisiana, helping to clean up from Hurricane Gustav.

Business and Finance 65 miles per gallon apparently aren't enough
Ford is about to start selling a 65-mpg car in Europe, but won't sell it in the US because it thinks there's insufficient demand for a diesel-powered passenger vehicle.

Water News US dam infrastructure needs a lot of work