Gongol.com Archives: September 2008
Brian Gongol

September 19, 2008

Aviation News Life as a flight attendant
The one-time high glamour of air travel seems to be in short supply these days. Large volumes of blame go to the short-sightedness of upper management at the airlines (many of whom never seemed to understand that when your customers are perpetually unhappy, then they're not going to be very brand-loyal), and to the union leaders who for a long time sought big benefits packages that the airlines can no longer afford. One would have to imagine both sets of parties would've done things differently if they'd been thinking decades ahead. De-coupling management compensation from long-term performance (with absurd compensation packages) certainly didn't help. Then again, we haven't gotten our flying cars yet, and it looks like commercial space flight will be arriving first.

Water News Pickens suspends water-sale plan

Iowa Does Iowa have a flood-recovery plan or not?

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