Gongol.com Archives: September 2008
Brian Gongol

September 26, 2008

Broadcasting At least "The Mentalist" says (out loud) that psychics don't exist

Socialism Doesn't Work Are these necessary bailouts -- or a titanic shift away from free markets?
Carmakers are getting $25 billion in cheap loans, in addition to all the other bailouts going on. How about some long-term business planning instead?

Science and Technology "Big buildings appear in dynamic cities but they also go up in undemocratic societies"
Why the rise of giant skyscrapers in China isn't necessarily a sign that people are living better lives

News Israel wanted to bomb Iran in May to take out a nuclear plant
But President Bush told them he wouldn't support it

Humor and Good News Radical cleric has a pole-dancing daughter

Water News Happy birthday, chlorinated drinking water

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