Gongol.com Archives: September 2008
Brian Gongol

September 27, 2008

Broadcasting WGN Radio looks for a new morning show
The sitting host is retiring voluntarily in a couple of months, and before he's gone they're going to have to find someone to keep the top show in the nation's 3rd-biggest market. It's significant because WGN does talk radio in a personality-oriented fashion rather than a political one. Their sister TV station does some unusually funny things with the news, too.

News Russia and Venezuela get friendly over energy and military policy
And that should come as no surprise -- but it's also a warning sign to the United States, which has ignored Latin America for too long. We've already seen how Communist Cuba has been an annoyance for half a century. There's no reason to let socialism spread even more.

Business and Finance A trip through the decline of General Motors
The company still has hope -- but when they're looking for huge loans from the Federal government, there's reason for worry about the future. The US automakers have been plagued by short-term thinking. Any company anywhere in the world needs to have a long-term plan if it is to stay in business.

Weather and Disasters Hurricane Kyle could make landfall along New England
Which ought to serve as a potent reminder that New York City will be hit by a hurricane again someday, and that's going to be colossally expensive

Aviation News What do you do with a wrecked airliner?

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