Gongol.com Archives: November 2008
Brian Gongol

November 6, 2008

Water News A $300 billion funding gap

Science and Technology "What if we can fix it?"
Newspaper profile of inventor Dean Kamen sheds some light on one of the essential elements of modern free markets: He's a genius inventor who runs his own company, but the only reason he's able to succeed is that he's generally free to do things however he pleases, rather than having to get approval from someone else for every step. A free environment for thought and money alike is the only way to get the fruits of such genius out to the public -- which is why China is going to have trouble becoming an innovation economy, rather than a copycat economy.

Business and Finance There may be economic slowing, but the disaster talk is overheated

Computers and the Internet Taking the paper out of the newspaper
The Christian Science Monitor appears to be the first national paper in the US to shift from printing daily editions to going Internet-only for its daily output. A lot hinges on knowing what kind of business a company is really in: Is the CSM in the newspaper business or the news-delivery business?

Science and Technology Why ants don't have traffic jams
Despite the huge swarms that move in close proximity to one another, ants relay information to one another about the best routes to take, which means they avoid bumping into one another and backing up. As more and more people have GPS-enabled cell phones, it's hard to imagine it will be long before we get data automatically about traffic along our travel routes, based upon the aggregated movement of all of those phones.