Gongol.com Archives: November 2008
Brian Gongol

November 24, 2008

Threats and Hazards People are still falling victim to the Nigerian bank scam

Business and Finance Things to do when the economy looks rough

Computers and the Internet Why isn't the President-elect still using his campaign tools?
Strangely, the Barack Obama Twitter page has been quiet since November 5th. If nothing else, someone on the emerging staff should be charged with posting updates on the planned appointments to the new administration. Just a little something to keep people interested and actively subscribed. Once the channels of communication have been created, they have to be kept up. For all the chatter about how well the Obama campaign used technology in this election cycle, when it comes to politics, the British are at least a full technological year ahead of Americans. Labour, the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats all use the site daily. The RNC posts rarely, and it's hard to see whether the DNC even has a Twitter account. Twitter itself isn't the answer, but it's a good litmus test.

Computers and the Internet Google releases SketchUp 7

Broadcasting Links and stories about the future of radio

Futurism National Intelligence Council sees a tough road ahead
A report looks to the future and forecasts an erosion of American strength around the globe, mass migration due to climate change, and a wealthier East. Many of the things they predict could happen. But it's also extremely important to realize that a lot of things we can't predict will happen as well -- and those will probably define us just as much as the things the report guesses about. We often see things through the wrong lenses: For as often as we're sold on nonsense like the notion of an ancient (and monolithic) China, the world's biggest country is still a very young one, politically -- having only been unified since about the time of World War II. That ought to underscore the recognition that things in China are likely not what they seem from a Western perspective that would like to condense all knowledge of China into a one-line summary. One thing that should be painfully obvious is that something absolutely must be done to get American debt under control.

Water News Cleaning the wastewater at the nation's largest meat-processing facility