Gongol.com Archives: December 2008
Brian Gongol

December 11, 2008

Business and Finance Americans are still pulling billions out of mutual funds
$15 billion pulled out of US equity funds in the last two weeks, according to one estimate. The panic doesn't seem to make a lot of sense -- when prices go down, that represents a buying opportunity. But instead a lot of people are most certainly locking in their losses.

The United States of America Putting immigration into perspective
The same story -- immigration to the United States -- and the same data, but in several different chart formats. Each tells the story in a different and valuable way.

Broadcasting Bedtime just got earlier for a lot of people
Jay Leno will be moving to the 10pm Eastern/9pm Central timeslot, which will certainly mean interesting times for local NBC affiliate newscasts that will now fall between two topical talk shows. It's a strange move, to be sure -- the timeslot used to belong to shows like "The West Wing" -- but it fits within NBC's ever-expanding "Tonight" and "Today" show format. If this keeps expanding, we might enter the realm of bent space-time.

Water News Nebraska expects $43 million for water projects if stimulus plan goes through