Gongol.com Archives: December 2008
Brian Gongol

December 17, 2008

Socialism Doesn't Work Does the economic situation offer a "pretense to engineer a permanent increase in the size of government"
It's quite possible that those who have the inclination to like larger government will find this moment particularly opportune for getting more of what they want

Broadcasting CNN gets a new look
Like so many other media organizations, it's trying to change along with technology. Though people were hoping for smartphones half a century ago. It's pretty likely, though, that no one ever anticipated the Rockterscale.

News China's experiment in post-Maoism turns 30 this month

Broadcasting China returns to censoring Internet access
Supposedly, the BBC, VOA, and Asiaweek websites are all being blocked. This reinforces the need for true international broadcasting of the conventional, over-the-air type. Yes, they should be on the Internet, too -- but public diplomacy still absolutely must be conducted via conventional broadcasting as well, particularly via radio. Shortwave radio, especially, has a global footprint and is far harder to block than the Internet. Besides, public diplomacy via international broadcasting is very cost-efficient.

Computers and the Internet UK adopts nationwide standard for buying train tickets via text messages
SMS adoption in Europe still seems to be far ahead of the United States, so this is a helpful glance into the future. Text messaging (or SMS) actually seems to be most useful in countries that have never had well-developed telecommunications systems. In Namibia, for instance, one newspaper publishes SMS "letters" to the editor. It's doubtful that any American newspaper has yet tried the same. And in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a doctor working with the charity MSF managed to conduct an amputation guided only by text-message instructions from a colleague in London.

News Arena Football is off, but AF2 is on

Water News Taking pride in our work