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Brian Gongol

December 21, 2008

Broadcasting Notes from the Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - December 21, 2008
Topic highlights: China needs more fun...money from the sky...saving lives via text message

Business and Finance Explaining the problems in the credit market to children
Consumerella doesn't know her limits

Business and Finance Who's responsible for looking out for investors?
In the wake of the collapse of a huge Ponzi scheme, here's a reasonable thought: "If your excuse for getting defrauded out of all your money by not observing any of these rules is that a lot of other smart people fell for the same thing, consider the fact that these other smart people are actually not that smart. If your excuse is that you knew something fishy was going on and hoped to benefit from it, you probably shouldn't be allowed around money ever again." Related: It's hard to believe anyone knows what's really in the auto workers' union contracts. That hardly aids the rule of law.

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