Gongol.com Archives: December 2008
Brian Gongol

December 29, 2008

News TV contest names Stalin Russia's 3rd-greatest person of all time
If the vote wasn't manipulated, then the vote probably reflects admiration for Stalin's role in World War II, which is still celebrated annually in huge "Victory Day" events. But it likely whitewashes Stalin's role as a murderous dictator, who deliberately starved the people of Ukraine and sent millions to die in Siberia.

Science and Technology Celebrity illiterates
Not illiterate in the sense that they don't know how to read, but in the sense that they are effectively illiterate about science. Among the winners: Both Presidential candidates, who blamed vaccines for autism.

Business and Finance Every cost has a relative measure
The World Food Program, a branch of the UN, says that it needs $5.2 billion to feed 100 million people around the world next year. $5.2 billion is less than what General Motors says it needs from the Federal government to stay afloat. Coincidentally, a new study in the US says that half of American kids weigh too much, but a majority of them aren't being diagnosed.

Computers and the Internet Visits to retail stores dropped significantly for holiday season
But MasterCard says spending only dropped by 4%, which suggests a lot of people moved to online shopping

Water News Stimulus package could be here by this time next month

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