Gongol.com Archives: January 2009
Brian Gongol

January 5, 2009

Business and Finance Waterford Crystal goes into Irish version of bankruptcy
The company was founded in 1783, went out of business in 1851, then re-opened about half a century ago. Given the company's outstanding brand image and the huge tourist draw the factory in namesake city Waterford creates, the news is a real blow for the Celtic Tiger.

Business and Finance Print/online hybrid magazine goes under
JPG Magazine certainly had some outstanding photos, but it couldn't survive under a model assuming the need for print advertising

Business and Finance A plan for fixing broken American businesses
The language is a bit coarse, and some of the suggestions are wrong. But rules like "No fancy hotels ever" and "Promote from within" would certainly do a lot to improve many American firms that are having trouble right now.

Water News Water authorities seek $10 billion for infrastructure

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