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Brian Gongol

January 16, 2009

Business and Finance Strange days for Ireland's economy
One of the country's biggest banks has just been nationalized, at a cost of 20 billion euros -- something like $26 billion. And one economist is warning that house prices there could fall by 80% over the next decade. That sounds pretty far-out on the pessimism scale, but strange things can happen. Meanwhile, foreign owners are selling off shares in the Bank of China.

Broadcasting Rumor says Clear Channel will make some big changes starting Monday
And we'll do the "Brian Gongol Show" on Sunday night anyway.

Broadcasting EU bureaucrats want to ban plasma TVs because they use too much electricity
And in other news from the bizarre side of things, Kanye West disappointed a private concert in Kazakhstan on New Year's Eve.

Humor and Good News Could wild crows be trained to clean up litter?
(Video) Believe it or not, it may very well be possible. We train dogs to guide the blind, so this shouldn't be an impossibility.

Water News Is 120 years a long enough service life?

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