Gongol.com Archives: January 2009
Brian Gongol

January 28, 2009

News Iowa's #2 paper plans massive and complete restructuring
They're going to re-address the entire company, no longer as a newspaper business, but as a reporting organization that happens to have a printed news product. It sounds dramatic, but in reality, it's probably the only way for most newspaper organizations to survive. When conditions change, organizations must adapt if they intend to survive -- just like many Americans had to learn strange new skills for the country to survive and emerge victorious from World War II. The Gazette has already done something unusual for a large paper, making its entire printed product available for free download.

Business and Finance GM will close its "jobs bank" on February 2nd
Ford has made no similar announcement, but it's hard to see how the system could possibly continue at Ford if it's been shut down at GM

Computers and the Internet Internet Explorer 8 is almost ready for official release
They're out with a "release candidate" edition, which means it's in the final stage of testing. Microsoft has been losing ground to Mozilla's Firefox in the browser market at a rapid clip, and the new browser edition is an attempt to freshen up.

Threats and Hazards Riots in Mexico are a warning to the US

Computers and the Internet The Children's Online Protection Act of 1998 is now dead

Water News Some new views of the Tennessee coal-ash spill

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