Gongol.com Archives: February 2009
Brian Gongol

February 11, 2009

Weather and Disasters Tornado History Project
With maps of all kinds of tornado damage paths from 50,000 tornadoes dating back to 1950

Aviation News Satellites collide in space
It's the first active collision

Business and Finance GM cuts 10,000 white-collar jobs and reducing base pay
One can only hope that they're truly adopting a 100-year plan for viability instead of just cutting willy-nilly

Computers and the Internet Twitter as a threat to national security
A US House member from Michigan spent some time updating his Twitter page from Iraq, which the Pentagon doesn't seem to have appreciated

Humor and Good News Flamethrowers are legal in 40 states. Really.

Broadcasting Podcast: How we're cheating our future
(Audio file)

Water News Platte West plant wins engineering award

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