Gongol.com Archives: February 2009
Brian Gongol

February 15, 2009

Broadcasting Notes from the Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - February 15, 2009
Topics of the night: Records on X-ray films...size of the stimulus...the "somebody do something" fallacy

Business and Finance Chrysler restructuring could see the government holding a huge share of the company
Wasn't there a time when the same company was deeply indebted to the government before? Why, yes there was. And it involved $1.5 billion in loan guarantees. Now, Chrysler needs $3 billion in cash just to survive until April 1st. And since the government has already extended lots of loans to Chrysler and GM, the prospect of a Chapter 11 turn of events could be a huge amount of trouble.

Humor and Good News The first thing Kosuke Fukudome's Cubs teammates taught him to say in English
"Old Style." As in the beer.

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