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Brian Gongol

February 23, 2009

Health Researchers think they've discovered early-detection method for pancreatic cancer
Observation of cellular structure can tell them whether the cells are likely to turn cancerous later on. It requires a minimally-invasive retrieval of pancreatic cells, so it's probably only going to be used on people already at high risk, but given our present inability to detect pancreatic cancer until it's too late, an ability to detect it early could make an enormous difference to humanity.

Humor and Good News It takes a comedian to remind us how good we have it
Comedian Louis CK, who usually runs bluer than blue, actually has a profound moment during which he points out just how amazing the modern world is, and just how little we seem to realize it. (It takes him about two minutes to get to the point.) From a more authoritative position, a university official from Australia points out that new technologies, particularly nanotechnology, are emerging with enormous promise to solve some of our most basic and persistent problems, like the collection and distribution of energy. Nanotechnology appears to have great promise both in the collection of solar energy and in the ability to store that energy -- which we need post-haste in order to make a transition away from petroleum as one of our basic energy sources.

News Furloughs? Or the new "work-life balance"?
Work/life balance is the spin being placed on an attempt to reduce labor costs at the Financial Times. Meantime, the Scottish are finding out just how inadequate their news coverage can become when their heritage newspapers fall into disrepair.

Water News Recognition for an Iowa water charity

Broadcasting Podcast: Using the Internet to reconnect
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