Gongol.com Archives: February 2009
Brian Gongol

February 27, 2009

News The Rocky Mountain News is dead
It's truly saddening: People depend upon their institutions, and in this case, a great institution has been laid to rest with little warning. Readers, advertisers, and employees alike will all suffer as a result. Business failures cause real-life suffering, and it's sad to see the Rocky Mountain News become a failed business. Newspapers don't have to go out of business.

Threats and Hazards Big Brother has records on kids' DNA
The UK has a police database of DNA profiles which includes about 1.1 million children. Worse, it's estimated that half of the kids never did anything criminal. Should government be allowed to retain information on the DNA of its citizens? Under what conditions? Children who have been convicted of nothing certainly seem like the least-reasonable candidates for that kind of treatment.

Humor and Good News Mr. T is disappointed in the Secret Service
On the shoe-thrower at the Bush press conference: "The guy had to bend down to pick up one shoe, and then bend down to pick up another one. The Secret Service should have been on him." It helps to know that Mr. T was a professional bodyguard before he became an actor. That's probably why he takes it so personally.

Broadcasting Podcast: Need a laugh? Turn to the Internet.

Water News 'Tis the season of extra chlorine