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March 4, 2009

Business and Finance British pubs are closing at a rate of six a day

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The American Way EconDirectory update for March 2009
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Business and Finance Discount time in the stock market
Anyone who tries to predict the price of an individual stock or the value of a market index from day to day is either a fool or a charlatan. But with index values at something close to 12-year lows, one has to ask: Isn't this an excellent time to buy? After all, every share of stock is a little piece of ownership in a business. A real business. And if one were to go shopping in a department store and purchase a pair of socks at full price one week, only to find the same pair of socks available at 50% off the following week, then wouldn't it make more sense to buy another pair of socks at the discounted price (who can have too many socks, anyway?) than to try to return the first pair of socks to the store for half-credit? As long as a person is investing for the long term, rather than speculating or attempting to cash out altogether, then today's lunatic stock-market behavior should probably look more like a clearance sale at the Store of American Business Ownership than a reason for panic.

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