Gongol.com Archives: March 2009
Brian Gongol

March 17, 2009

Humor and Good News Happy St. Patrick's Day
675,000 people showed up for the parade in Dublin

Broadcasting Bill Clinton may want the Fairness Doctrine back, but President Obama says he doesn't
The Fairness Doctrine relies upon scarcity as its main argument -- that the scarcity of spectrum space on the radio makes it essential that the content carried on that spectrum space be politically balanced. But in an era of podcasts, satellite radio, and streaming radio, the scarcity argument hardly seems valid. And children, especially, display completely different listening habits than they ever did in the past. On a related note, it's worth understanding the difference between big-city and small-town newspapers, and how that affects the viability of a news institution in the new media world. New rounds of job cuts and pay freezes are being announced even here in Iowa.

Science and Technology Scary thought: You know more about nuclear physics than Ben Franklin ever did
As long as you understand the basic structure of the atom, then you're more knowledgeable about the basic building block of particles in the universe than the man who invented bifocals and "discovered" electricity. Isn't science a wonderful thing?

Water News Chances your bacon came from Iowa: 1 in 3

Broadcasting Podcast: Have some corned beef and celebrate St. Patrick's Day
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The United States of America We don't have the luxury of ignoring Medicare funding any longer
The President needs to step up to the plate and use the exceptional economic circumstances of the moment to make the case for true, durable reforms to Social Security and Medicare. Without very large changes to both programs, today's trillion-dollar Federal deficits will look like child's play in the not-so-distant future.

Science and Technology Chimps appear to have the capacity to plan for future events
Specifically, the capacity to anticipate things they might want when they're in some future emotional state. That could be some of the strongest evidence we've ever had in favor of true human-like sentience among non-humans.

News What a hedgehog looks like without any spines

Humor and Good News "One solid day of work"
(Audio) The Onion has a plan for fixing the economy