Gongol.com Archives: March 2009
Brian Gongol

March 26, 2009

Business and Finance Chinese central-bank governor expresses doubts about the US dollar
And in the process calls for a global currency to replace it as a medium of exchange. Centralized currencies, though, are bad for economic flexibility -- which is exactly the kind of thing that's in greater need now. The "cheapness" of any individual currency communicates a lot of information about what markets believe is happening and what will happen in the country behind it. Sometimes those markets are awfully wrong, but it's still vital to have the information over the long run.

Computers and the Internet Microsoft asks Internet developers to prepare for MSIE 8
The new version of Internet Explorer finally gets around to a pretty high degree of compliance with Web standards, which ought to help finally kill off the era of browser-dependent website design

Threats and Hazards Economic trouble is already creating some social unrest in wealthy countries
And that's a very dangerous thing. The rule of law is vital to both individual liberty and economic freedom.

Broadcasting Podcast: The government's running up a worse credit-card bill than the people
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Broadcasting Podcast: Bacteria in space
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Water News Ice jams and flooding in North Dakota could affect Iowa and Nebraska

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